Rectifier transformer Phase-shifting ZYSFG-Series

Description of  Rectifier transformer:

Phase-shifting rectifier transformer is a special device mainly providing multi phase rectification power for high voltage inverter. Using the extended triangle phase-shifting principle, through a number of different phase-shifting angle secondary windings, it can form the equivalent rectifier transformer fo 9,12,18 and 27 phase.

The primary side of transformer directly connects into high voltage power grid, the secondary side has multiple three-phase winding, using 0°(60-0)° to represent the extended triangle principle connnecting the transforemer secondary side's low-voltage three-phase winding. Also means the phase-shifting angle between low-voltage three-phase winding and third-class winding.

Characteristic of  Rectifier transformer:

Capacity: ≤5000KVA
Phase: Three phase
System voltage: 6±5V or 10±5V
Operating frequency: 50-60Hz
Standard: ICE726, GB6450-1986,GB/T10288-1977,GB/T17211-1998,GB/T10237-1998,GB/T4208-1993,BG/T10008-1999,GB/T56009-1998,GB/T8636-1997
Hign mechanical strength, safe and reliable operation
Low noise and small volume, friendly installation and free maintenance
High insulation and low partial discharge, long life
Good humidity resistance and fireproofing

Application of  Rectifier transformer:

Suitable for environments with high fire prevention and big load fluctuation requirements, such as:offshore oil platforms, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry and mining building materials.


Environment exists without gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust or dirt that will affect transformer’s insulation seriously, explosive or corrosive medium is not allowed.

Capacity (KVA) 315-5000
Operating Frequency 50-60Hz
Output voltage range 15*690V or 18*580V or 27*650V
Phase 3 Phase
Standard ICE726, GB6450-1986,GB/T10288-1977,GB/T17211-1998,GB/T10237-1998,GB/T4208-1993,BG/T10008-1999,GB/T56009-1998,GB/T8636-1997
System Voltage(KV) 6KV±5% or 10KV±5%

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