Rectifier transformer Dry-type ZSG Series

Rectifier transformer includes diodes or thyristors in the same tank. Voltage regulation may also be included. Rectifier transformers are used for industrial processes which require a significant direct current (dc) supply. Typical processes would include dc traction, electrolysis, smelting operations, large variable speed drive trains, etc.


3 Phase to DC
Charge regulate and DC power supply.
low voltage, high current, wide conditions, large impedance, high secondary current.
can be customized to special requirement and specifications.

Bridge type connection of the thyristors for higher voltages.
Interphase connection for low voltage, high current applications
Number of pulses (6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and higher with phase shifting)
Eddy current and harmonic issues
Voltage regulation is achieved with no-load or on-load tap changers on the high voltage side. Fine levels of voltage regulation can be achieved using saturable reactors on the secondary side. Regulation units may be built in or separate.
ONAN / ONAF / OWFW cooling options are provided with conventional pressed steel radiators in these rectifying transformers. These electrical rectifier transformers are designed suitably to withstand harmonics generated in the system to avoid overheating of core and windings.

Capacity (KVA) 20-2500
Insulation Class F/H
Operating Frequency 50-60Hz
Phase 3 Phase to DC
Primary Voltage(V) 380/600/6300/10000
Secondary Voltage(V) 58/80/132/200/220/230/300/380/420/1000
Standard IEC60076-11

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